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Founder, Ryan Stokeling visits Open House of new Sheriff's Department Precinct in Harford County Maryland to share his vision of having an impact in the community.

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Joppatowne alum wants to launch basketball camp with 'impact'

BY BRYNA ZUMER, 12:23 p.m. EST,  January 14, 2014 

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 A young Joppatowne High School alum said he wants to help other young people succeed through a new basketball camp.  Ryan Stokeling, 21, and a student at Neumann University in Aston, Pa., told  the Edgewood Community Council Thursday that he plans to launch the Hoop Impact  Basketball Camp this summer.  Stokeling got the idea after attending a sports camp in North Carolina that  he said had a great impact on his life. "It can be an impact they'll never forget," he said. "I'm a key product of  it. "Stokeling, whose mother is helping him organize the program, said the camp  would run in June and would offer children ages 8 to 17 more than just  basketball.  The camp would feature mentors that stress the importance of education,  staying in school and staying off drugs. He said he wants to let youth know that "basketball is not the only thing  society offers" and wants them to be productive members of society. Stokeling explained he watched many potential athletes go through Joppatowne, but not really "make it" outside of Harford County, either because of bad grades  or bad influences like substance  abuse. He said he was always told to have a "plan B" instead of just playing  basketball. "You can't count on going to the NBA,"  he said. "Now I'm not going to the NBA and I don't mind at all.  "The camp would run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day and would be a place where  youth can "learn not just about basketball but how you can stay successful out  of the streets. "He also wants to offer attendees food, equipment and anything else they might  need.  "We want them to have no worries," he said, adding: "Basketball definitely  can also be very therapeutic. "Stokeling said he would have liked the camp to be in Joppa, but Edgewood  makes more sense because there are several schools close together.  He said more information on the camp should be available by the end of the month at

June 23rd - June 26th, 2014

Joppatowne High School


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